Sculpture and Installations

I rely a tremendous amount on my ability to improvise, especially when materials, time and resources might be challenging. Of course, in the studio, more refined works are created. The following are examples of dealing with variations in control and controlled chaos and are only a partial list of the many types of creations I find myself doing.

All Bark

A wall sculpture made from steel wire, hemp, leather, galvanized steel and enamel paint. This represents an added third dimension to my seismographic drawings of transmogrified percussion sheet music I've been doing since the mid 1990s.

The American Beast

A 20-ft tall steel sculpture in collaboration with artist Michael Christopher Matson. Its outcome was greatly influenced by a 3-week turnaround (read: pressure). My contribution to the piece was the design and execution of the spiral negative space as well as over-all construction. Shown at Kirk Hopper Fine Art -- Deep Ellum, Texas.


A 5-ft long, remote-controlled Armadillo made from 222 Red Bull® aluminum cans and steel wire. This was a collaboration between fellow artist Vanessa Neil. Shown at the Red Bull® "Art of Can" National Finalists gala at the Galleria Mall -- Dallas, Texas.

Cymbal of Peace

Was challenging by it having been a site-specific sculpture carved from two extant Black Willow trees using a chainsaw and hand rasp, utilizing a found crash cymbal made by the "Peace" cymbal company. The over-all finished shape was that of a "V" symbol made from the hand in symbolism of "peace". The sculpture can be seen on the grounds of the LaReunionTX artist's residency in northwest Oak Cliff -- Dallas, Texas.

Julien Reverchon Giant

A 21-foot tall giant on wheels made from cardboard, fabric, artificial flowers, chicken wire, bamboo, shredded trash bags, recycled styrofoam and whatever else was found in the studio. This piece was part of a specially-curated, 14-artist/giant parade procession across - and part of - the opening of the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge over the Trinity River, joining the Arts District with West Dallas. Organized by LaReunionTX artist residency, each giant represented a prominent West Dallas figure.

Gnome Ore Police

An ornamental yard sculpture made from two plastic, pink flamingoes as part of Art Conspiracy 7's "Gnome and Garden" show in 2011. This takes its cues from 1950s-era futuristic science fiction films -- Dallas, Texas.

Mus(i)ca Domestica

A wall sculpture of a domestic housefly. This was a custom piece specifically designed for Art Conspiracy 8's "8-BIT" exhibition and live music/live auction event in 2012. It's size is just over 2 feet long. Hidden in its "compound" eyes are two stereo speakers, along with a 1/8" jack emanating from its posterior, wired to a small amplifier in its thorax so music can be played through it. This piece set a record for the nights' bidding at nearly $1,000 -- Dallas, Texas


A pinpoint site-specific installation on the LaReunionTX artist's residency in northwest Oak Cliff -- Dallas, Texas.


A series of 48 hand-made steel flowers for the Sugar Land Marriott® Town Center -- Sugar Land, Texas.

Yang and Yin

A set of two carved and painted skateboard decks specially-designed for the Art of Skateboarding exhibition in 2010. Achieved well over the expected hammer price at auction of $1100 each.