About the artist | Kevin Obregón


I am a fifth-generation Texan and full time Dallas-based site-specific sculptor, painter, poet, writer, muralist, percussionist and artist's advocate. I have owned and operated two galleries in my life as well as a boutique design firm.

I now operate a busy fine art studio where I continue to create paintings, murals, sculptures, design work, drawings and other site-specific installations - writing poetry and making photographs in my spare time.

I was instrumental in developing artist's programs for the artist residency, La Reunion TX, where you can see two of my installations and a chainsaw-cut bench sitting on the 35+ acres of property near the Oak Cliff/Cockrell Hill border.

In 2009, I was also responsible for the ideation behind the visual color transformation of the West Dallas industrial neighborhood on Singleton blvd. at the base of the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge designed by Spanish sculptor/architect, Santiago Calatrava.

I also create many custom-commissioned pieces for the hospitality industry through Art Centric art consulting and accept commissions from the general public on a case-by-case scenario. I do not do spec work. Feel free to send me an e-mail at kevinobregon@gmail.com for any questions on rates and availability.

Currently, I operate a busy production art studio at the Gallery at Midtown at The Valley View Center at Dallas Midtown and most recently designed a limited edition set of totes and handbags as part of the 10th Anniversary Artist's Series set of handbags with Cykochik®.

I always have hopes in having more to say. What I say tomorrow is not my concern, so long as I am able to be heard and seen through the lens and drums of honesty, agility, thoughtfulness, beauty and professionalism.